Baby corn on the Great Wall

July 23, 2010

So, I was hiking up the Great Wall the other day when I spotted this.


A baby corn. My nemesis. It was high on top of the Great Wall (pretty high up too), randomly sitting on a ledge and long forgotten by the person who, like me, clearly despises baby corn. But, how did it get all the way up there? The hike up is steep and grueling- not exactly a picnic, which is precisely where I would expect to see this. So, when I spotted the single piece of baby corn abandoned on a random, crumbling ledge of the Great Wall I was both surprised and baffled. I had so many questions running though my mind, but mainly wanted to know what type of person brought baby corn all the way up to the Great Wall and then tossed it (besides a person who detests baby corn)? I aalso wanted to know what type of food did they bring that they clearly picked the baby corn out of? For those of you who haven’t hiked the Wall, it’s treacherous in parts so people tend to carry very little with them- certainly not take-out cartons full of stir fry with baby corn. Everyone I saw was eating protein bars or fruit and sipping water. No one had their chopsticks out, tucked into a box of lo mein. So, I guess the mystery of the baby corn shall remain just that. While you ponder the possibilities, have a gander at a few of scenic pics below. Enjoy!


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