Vino Cola Granita

July 12, 2012


Remember that time I mixed red wine with Coke and made a crazy delicious cocktail? I’ve been at it again, this time in frozen form. I know it sounds kooky, but it was a big hit with friends and family last week on vacation. A couple of these on the shaded porch was the perfect way to stay cool.


Ingredients: (makes 4 to 6 servings)
1 cup red wine
1 12 oz can of Coke
1 lemon
3 Tablespoons agave or honey

Directions: Pour the red wine into a mixing bowl.


Add the coke.


Whisk in the agave nectar and the juice of 1/2 the lemon (save the rest for garnish).


Pour the liquid into a small glass or metal baking dish.


Freeze for about 2 hours and check to see if ice crystals have begun to form. If so, scrape the ice with a fork until it turns slushy.


Stick it back in the freezer for another 2 hours and scrape. Finally, allow it to freeze all the way through, then scrape before serving. The ice should be sort of fluffy like so.


Serve in a chilled glass with a slice of lemon.


Beware the brain freeze.

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