Espresso Beer!?

January 15, 2009

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon the Peak Organics brand during a beer tasting at our neighborhood Whole Foods a few months ago. The brand believes in using the purest ingredients possible and making their products enjoyable for us and the planet. Just by looking at their message and beer philosophy, I was eager to try! This Espresso Beer caught my eye, but I was skeptical. Coffee and Beer? Could it possibly work? Trust me, it does!

The beer pours a rich, nutty brown color. But, don’t be fooled by the dark color- it’s not heavy at all. It goes down with a smooth, delicate taste of coffee and is perfect for an after dinner drink or just a lazy sunday afternoon.

Look for the Peak Organics brand in a Whole Foods near you! Check out their website for other delicious varieties.

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