Full Luna!

November 25, 2008

It was about 10am this morning when I heard it. It was a high pitched, grumbly, angry sound coming from my stomach. My tummy was begging me to feed it, but I had breakfast not that long ago and it wasn’t quite time for lunch. I like 3 big meals a day- I don’t do that 6 small meal nonsense. But, today I needed just a little something to get me through until lunch. That’s when I grabbed a Luna Mini bar and silenced the beast in my belly. Luna Minis are my new favorite snack when I get hungry at the office, but don’t feel like heating a meal in the dirty microwave. One Mini bar is 20 grams, fits in the palm of your hand (about 3 inches long), and is only 80 calories. They come in 3 flavors (caramel nut, nutz over chocolate, s’mores) which are delicious! Ingredients include organic soy beans, soy rice crisp, brown rice syrup, and evaporated cane juice. Each bar contains lots of protein, fiber, and whole grains. The bars are easy to transport or eat on the go. They are hearty, healthy, and very tasty…enjoy!
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