December 13, 2010

I’m beyond excited to introduce this product to you, dear readers. Monsterami is one of my favorite things this holiday season. 

A little background- Monsterami is an Austin, TX based business run by Austin local Raquel Schleimer whose creations are inspired by the Japanese art of amigurumi; hand crocheting little dolls that have a loveable, animal look with a human spirit. While amigurumi is uniquely Japanese, Monsterami is uniquely Raquel.

What the heck is a Monsterami, you ask? Monsteramis are adorable little dolls with grown-up sass. The creatures are hand crafted by the artist and come in a variety of  characters with quotes that give you a sense of their personality. In fact, no two are alike. Some of my favorites are Cornelius (“You can’t bullshit a bull-shitter.”), Lizzy (“My name is Lizzy. I’m always ready for happy hour. Is it beer-thirty yet?”), and Mona (“My name is Mona. I’m an asshole magnet.”). If by now you aren’t getting what Monsterami is all about, check out the website for more information.

Anyhoo- why am I talking about Monsterami and how is it related to food? Hmmm? This is why. Monsterami sells adorable wine toppers that are perfect for any foodie (or wino) and make wonderful, unique holiday gifts. And they are a lot of fun to give.

I bought a few myself. You truly can never have too many wine toppers.

PC130087 PC130079   PC130084 PC130085 

How adorable are these little guys? Here’s a view of the wine topper in action.

 PC130089 PC130091PC130090 

They come in a variety of colors- all equally cute. They even have nifty cell phone holders (not related to food, but I just couldn’t resist). Not to mention baby bibs and a bunch of other fun stuff. I hope you’ll check out Monsterami for the holidays.


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