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February 16, 2009

My mom gave me a subscription to Natural Health magazine- and I have to say, it is one of my favorite magazines. The magazine centers around the idea of living a green and, of course, natural lifestyle.

The magazine contains wonderful recipes, including the use of seasonal, locally grown vegetables and fruits, as well as tons of fish and vegetarian recipes. Also, the magazine highlights new products including organic, natural clothes and home goods, earth friendly products, and homeopathic and natural medicinal cures.

Having this magazine at my fingertips urges me to live as green as I can. Right now, I try to use reusable bags, recycle, I gave up plastic water bottles in favor of klean canteens and the aquasana filters ($99) because I read that each day Americans throw out 60 million plastic bottles: only 14% get recycled so about 86% go into the garbage, that’s a lot of plastic bottles!

I hope you check out this magazine too as it really inspires me and gives me lots of great information.

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