Nonni’s Biscotti

July 29, 2009


Although I’m not a fan of the typical 100 calorie snacks aka tiny pouches of HFCS, I have become a fan of Nonni’s Biscotti. I picked these up at the store recently on sale for 2 for $5! Nonni’s Biscotti is obviously not the typical 100 calorie snack- although the ingredient list is a tad long, it is apparently “all-natural” (although I’m not clear on what the definition of natural is) and I do LOVE the homemade taste and variety of flavors. The biscotti come in wonderful flavors: double chocolate, classic, toffee almond, lemon, etc! The biscotti are individually wrapped and only 100 calories per biscotti!

It’s the perfect evening snack with tea or coffee and has a delightful crunch. Perfectly satisfying for those post-dinner chocolate cravings :)

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