Pro Bar Sweet & Savory

March 27, 2009

probarPro Bar is the latest and greatest bar that I’ve eaten recently. I feel as though scouring the grocery aisles for new bars that I can tell you about is my duty these days! This bar is 100% vegan, all natural, organic and actually pretty tasty! It’s a meal replacement bar, so it is very calorie dense (almost 400 cals and 20 g of fat per bar). I would not recommend eating this as an every day snack unless you want to start buy larger pants. But, you could divide it in 1/2 to eat as a snack.
This bar comes in a variety of unusual flavors like kettle corn, cherry pretzel, and cocoa pistachio just to name a few. I tried the cherry pretzel and really enjoyed it. It was a moist hunk of nuts and seeds (flax seeds! yum!) and pretzles and cherries with chocolate chunks and a hint of coconut- a brouhaha of flavors! The best part was that it was both sweet and savory, so for those of you (like Jessica) who find traditional bars to be much too sweet, I expect that this one will suit your palate just right.
This bar is a tad expensive at $3.30 a pop, but it’s cheap for a meal so eat up!

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Sophia March 27, 2009 at 8:20 pm

Is it acually filling enough to be a meal? I might try this out, esp the cocoa pistachio, but might have to wait for it to go on sale or something…the price IS a tad bit high!

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