Home made root beer and other southern comforts

May 14, 2010

Last weekend I attended my best friend’s wedding in Knoxville, TN. It was a very special occasion for me because it took me back to my home state, giving me a chance to revisit family and old friends. One of the highlights was the rehearsal dinner at the Museum of Appalachia which proudly displays the history of Tennessee and its people. During the dinner, I snuck out to the gift shop/country store for a look around. I found shelves stocked with pumpkin butter and hot pepper farm jelly, arts and crafts and other knick knacks. My boyfriend spotted Old Honey Barn sassafras tea (sadly from KY) and I’m so glad he did!
Sassafras has many uses, but is best known as the flavor of traditional root beer. This “tea” concentrate is basically nothing more than a bottle of root extract . All you do is add just a few drops to water for flavor. I added some to club soda for an all-natural root beer, no sugar added and less than 1 calorie per serving. The flavor is just like root beer without all the extra stuff. Sassafras has an interesting history (and somewhat of a bad rap) which you may want to read about before consuming. I am a firm believer that moderation is the key to avoiding most health follies.

It was truly an east TN wedding, full of southern comforts. I think the contents of the goodie bags gives you the general idea.

Sadly, the MoonPies didn’t last long enough for a picture (my boyfriend at them all! evil!).

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