Take FIVE…

March 3, 2009

to try out this new ice cream by Haagen Dazs!  It’s a fairly new product made by the professionals who are known for putting the “cream” in ice cream.  Five by Haagen Dazs features ice creams made from only 5 simple, natural ingredients.  That’s right, each flavor has only 5 ingredients and all of them are easy to pronounce.  For example,  Milk Chocolate consists of milk, cream, sugar, eggs and cocoa. There are NO fillers and corn syrup and preservatives, oh my! Five comes in seven flavors – vanilla bean, chocolate, passion fruit, ginger, mint, coffee, and brown sugar. So far I’ve only tried the milk chocolate, but I must say I was impressed. It tasted clean and natural like homemade ice cream.  The flavors were simple yet delicious and the best part was that I knew exactly what I was eating. yummm.

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