Tea Forte

December 11, 2010

Have you tried Tea Forte (which translates roughly to “strong tea”)? I received a couple of these little guys at a recent baby shower. I’d never seen tea like this and was intrigued.

PA310077 PA310076

As the weather’s cooled considerably, I’ve finally gotten back into the ritual of enjoying hot tea. I decided to try out an Earl Grey (my all-time favorite tea) Tea Forte.

PA310083 PA310079 PA310080 PA310081

Peel away the outside wrapper and pull the tea bag out by the leaf. Instead of the usual string, the leaf is attached by a stiff wire making it easy to submerge and remove the tea bag once it has settled to the bottom.

How cute is that?


Not only was the tea tasty, but it was adorably functional. Hope you enjoy Tea Forte as much as I do!

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