The Only Fruitcake

January 15, 2010

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Fruitcake? Ewww. A totally unappealing, mysterious holiday tradition that no one can understand. Usually consisting of dry bread ensconsed in gelatinous fruit bits, the fruitcake has all but died out among my generation. But, maybe that could change?

Baby, let me tell you, the fruitcake is back in a big way. Thanks, that is, to Pinehurst Cake Company of Pinehurst, NC. These family friends have been baking up batches of fruitcake for the past 30 years and this year decided to go commercial. (Ah, it’s good to have friends who bake.) Knowing that I am a food blogger, Pinehurst Cake Co. generously offered me a sample of the famous fruitcake that took them from at-home holiday production to year-long commercial baking, and I happily accepted.

Of course, I must admit, I knew what I was getting into. Last year, while visiting my boyfriend’s family in N.C. I was able to sample this luscious cake. True, I initially scoffed at the offer to taste the old-timey confection that I had come to loathe. But, when promised it was like no other, I just had to have a taste. And I’m glad I did. With one bite, I learned that all fruitcakes are not created equal.

This cake is like none other. It’s petite, dense, and loaded with fruit and nuts. It slices like butter to a hot knife and is just sweet enough to satisfy that tooth. Dry, it is not. Gelatinous? No way. Delicious is truly the only word to describe it.

Who cares that the holidays are over? Anytime is a good time for this fruitcake.

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ruth anderson February 20, 2013 at 3:09 pm

Positively the best fruit cake I have ever eaten! My husband brought it home before Chrismas, and I stuck it on the back part of a shelf in the refrigerator, thinking, yeah, sometime I will try it. Well, just today he reminded me that it was there, so I had some. What a pleasant surprise! As I said, it is positively the best! I like it because it’s not too sweet, it’s moist and it’ loaded with nuts and fruit. The fruit is not those itsy bitsy dried up pieces of fruit so often found in a fruitcake. This fruitcake is a real winner. We will buy it again.

Jen @ Keepitsimplefoods February 22, 2013 at 9:03 am

Ruth, I could not agree more! We order this fruit cake ever year and I just love it!

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