Vanilla Almond Milk

June 9, 2009


I want to spread the word about this delicious dairy-free product! I heard about from my boyfriend’s sister and at first taste, I was impressed. The milk is creamy, not watery like soy milk. It also has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. It is wonderful in cereal, smoothies, or overnight oats. It’s also low fat and low calorie for those of us who are watching our figures! The best part is, this milk is shelf stable so you can buy several cartons at a time and store them on the shelf until opening. You can find it at your local grocery store. Enjoy!

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Amanda June 10, 2009 at 2:42 pm

I love almond milk. I first had it in Italy! I usually get plain, but sometime vanilla too. I love that it is low-cal also! Glad you liked it!

mere June 10, 2009 at 9:18 am

i made the blog! sort of. do love this milk though!

Jennifer June 10, 2009 at 8:56 am

Maggie! Hello there neighbor! Glad you like the blog and the vanilla almond milk!

Maggie June 10, 2009 at 7:47 am

Hi! I just found your blog, and love that you’re based in DC (I’m in Bethesda). The others I follow are Boston, Charlotte, Orlando — it’s nice to be able to visit the restaurants and shops you reference. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I use the Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze in just about everything (cereal, coffee, baking). It’s only 40calories per cup. Not that we need to cut every calorie possible, but I see no taste difference. Have a great day!

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