Voluptuous Delights

April 29, 2010

I’d like to introduce you to my new friend.

I ordered this cook book a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it heartily since its arrival. The book was written by Miss Sophie Dahl (aka grand daugther to legendary children’s book writer Roald Dahl). Though Miss Dahl has some mighty big shoes to fill, I think she’s successfully lived up to her literary heritage. This cook book is so much more than it suggests. Not only does it present deliciously simple recipes that allow for experimentation and ownership by the reader, but it also offers entertainment. Miss Dahl presents stories of her food journey, struggles with weight and body image, and her passion for cooking within the recipe margins. The book allows us more than a peek into Miss Dahl’s kitchen, but an understanding of who she is as a cook and writer. Understandably, being an ex-model turned culinary whiz, her relationship with food is complex and relatable. Pick it up if you get a chance. I think you’ll find it one of the most personal, heartwarming cookbooks you’ve yet to encounter.

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