Easy Fried Catfish

January 3, 2009

Southerners love their fried food and I am no exception! For New Years Day, I cooked up a feast of fried catfish that was quick, easy, and oh so delicious. Don’t be intimidated, it’s not as hard as it sounds…here’s how you do it:

fillets of fish (catfish, tilapia)
salt, pepper
chili powder
1 egg
1/4 c milk
olive oil or canola oil
Directions: In a large skillet, heat 1 to 2 inches of oil. set heat on med-high to get it to frying temperature (be careful when cooking with hot oil because it can splatter and burn you!). While your oil is heating, season your fish fillets with salt and pepper and a little olive oil. In a bowl, mix egg and milk (this is called an egg wash). In a second bowl, put in cornmeal and a few dashes of chili powder (or any other seasoning you like), salt and pepper. Dip each fish fillet in the egg wash and then into the cornmeal mixture and coat well and evenly (repeat once more if you like a heavier/crunchier coating). Once the oil is hot, gently place each coated fillet into skillet.Make sure to test the oil before putting the fish in. The way I test it to make sure it’s hot is to get a little water on my fingers and flick it into the oil. If it pops or sizzles, the oil is hot and ready to fry! Fry each piece of fish until each side is golden brown. Then, the fillets out of the hot oil and place them on papertowels on a plate (this soaks up the excess oil). Serve and with lemon and tartar sauce or whatever you like!
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