Cherry Blossom Festival Part Deux

April 14, 2010

Last weekend was D.C.’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Last year, I ranted about how long the lines were. I couldn’t deal with the crowds of people and the terrible food vendors. After just a few hours of in-your-face Japan, I left the festival one cranky lady and swore I wouldn’t return. That was my plan anyway and it was a beautiful, perfect dream that nearly came true until my boyfriend suggested that we go down on Saturday and check it out. Foiled! In formulating my plan to avoid the festival I hadn’t factored in in my all-things japanese obsessed boyfriend or the fact that he would probably want to go again. He, like I, wasn’t impressed with the festival last year, but he could never for go it completely. So, I reluctantly agreed and we headed down bright and early. This time, we arrived before noon and to my delighted amazement, lines were short and there was plenty of room to stroll the grounds. It was acutally….dare I say?…enjoyable (at least until 1pm when the masses arrived). We were able to do a sake tasting (which included 5 shots in a row on a breakfast stomach so you can imagine that it didn’t go quite as smoothly as planned). We were also able to scrounge up some decent sushi and of course, my favorite fish cake bean pastie thingies (see me eating one below). I’ve posted some of the highlights for you to enjoy.

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