D.C. Food Trucks

May 24, 2010

On my way back from Mixt Greens the other day I saw these at the corner of 17 and K NW.
food truck 1
food truck 2

The ample lines of customers waiting at these food trucks caught my eye right away. They must be the latest in DC lunctime fare and, judging by the size of the hungry crowd outside, they must be quite good, no? Although long lines for crappy food is no anomoly in DC. It seems to me that people in this city are almost eager to waste scant time and hard earned money on food that doesn’t fit the bill. What’s so wrong with demanding quality for your money? My friend Scott guessed that these trucks were overrun with customers not because they were good, but because Washingtonians are starved for food that doesn’t come from a chain restaurant. If you work on K street, your options are about as expansive as Cosi, Starbux, Corner Bakery and more Cosi. Not so good.

Anyway, if you are looking for a reprieve from your usual franchised eatery, give one of these a try.
Sweetbites offers baked goods to go and features cupcakes and other treats.

DC Slices offers pizza by the slice at $4 a pop. It also boats pizza from an oven as hot as the sun (yikes!).

Unfortunately, due to lack of time and a full belly, I wasn’t able to sample either of these vendors, but if you have please type up a short review in the comments.

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