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July 31, 2009

I was catching up on some of my magazine reading because I have about a ton of magazine subscriptions and came across an article in O magazine about the benefits of humane family farming. You can read the article HERE.

In the article, a family discussed their decision to purchase a farm and decided to raise pigs in a humane way- treating them like their pets. They said that not only do the pigs have a happy life, roaming around their large farm, but they also have a healthy diet. It’s said that the meat even tastes better because the pigs are not stressed as they would be in cramped industrial farms with little room to move, hostile conditions, lack of fresh air, not to mention the amount of hormones and drugs that pump through them. Further, they said that the diet not only makes the meat taste better, but also is more healthy because it contains more nutrients (Vit. A & E) and Omegas. The family also decided to find an independent slaughterhouse versus the industral slaughterhouses which was difficult for them to find.

Reading the article really re-enforced my beliefs about the humane treatment of farm animals. Farming today is SO different than the way it was traditionally. My grandma used to tell me about the farm that she grew up on, where the animals were allowed to roam free and everyone was involved int he process of caring for the animals and treating them well. Now, farms are generally owned by huge corporations leading to inhumane treatment of animals due to the big business of the food industry. Based on my recent nutrition reading, I have significantly reduced my meat intake (including giving up pork), particularly when it involves industrial meats. When I do choose to eat meat, as mentioned in my previous post, I’m willling to spend the extra money to know that I’m getting a superior end-result.

How do you all feel about the new movement towards family farming?

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Lynn (The Actors Diet) July 31, 2009 at 10:47 pm

my hope is that all grocery stores will offer some kind of ethically-raised organic meat…i’d definitely pay more for it.

Jennifer July 31, 2009 at 10:36 am

I think family farming is a great practice. If I ever go back to eating meat, I will def. stick with farm raised meats.

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