Great news about grapes

April 9, 2009

As most of you know, red wine contains health benefits due to the amount of resveratrol and flavonoids which have been linked to an increased life span, reducing the risk of cancer, reducing levels of inflammation, reducing risk of blood clots, as well as preventing LDL- the bad cholesterol from sticking to coronary arteries- lowering the risk of heart disease!

However, it’s also been shown that grapes, particularly those of the dark variety, contain resveratrol and flavonoids and show similar beneficial results of its consumption according to the mayo clinic.

According to this article, studies showed that eating the skin of red grapes can really amp up the benefits. The study found that those who ate the grape antioxidant dietary fiber, which comes from the skins of grapes, decreased bad cholesterol (LDL) and improved the participants’ lipid profile, an indicator for heart disease. It was also noted that the grapes’ dietary fiber is even better than oat fiber or psyllium.

So, not only are red grapes delicious, but they fill you up because of their high water content, and promote heart health, which is very important for women because it is the #1 leading cause of death. So, let’s take care of our hearts!

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