Hate Cilantro?

April 14, 2010

Are you a cilantro hater? If so, check out this NY Times article to learn the possible reasons why. It may be way beyond your control.

I am not a lover of cilantro, but don’t mind it in salsa or dishes where discreetly burried. Otherwise, the flavor overpowers everything else. For me, a very little goes a long way. The strange thing is-I love coriander (which is related to cilantro). Makes no sense! Other herbs that I do not love include dill (tastes like foul rot) and lavander (tastes like soap, smells like soap, so I reserve it for use as soap), though I love the smell.

It’s interesting the intense, visceral reactions that people have to certain foods. It’s as though something in the brain triggers a red alert that clenches the jaw and closes the throat. You couldn’t choke it down if you wanted to. I get like that when eating over-sized oysters or pretty much any raw seafood that I have to forcefully cram in my mouth preventing me from getting my bearings. Makes my head spin with panic. For me, it’s more of a texture issue, rather than a taste issue. What are some foods that make you react this way?

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