How to live into your SECOND century.

March 26, 2009

Never mind just barely making it to your first century! Ha! All kidding aside, I wanted to share with you all a subject that was discussed on Oprah earlier this week. The topic is called Calorie Restrictive eating and according to some, it really works! The concept isn’t really new- you basically limit your calorie intake each day. But, there’s a twist! You only eat calories that give you the most nutritional bang with each bite. That means, at least half, if not most of the diet is raw- consuming foods fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Food is carefully counted and weighed before consumption. The focus also seems to be on loading up on large volumes of the good stuff, vs the idea of small, tiny portions of whatever (so I guess that’s a no-go on Weight Watcher’s!).
According to studies, the results are pretty amazing! People who follow this diet, actually slow and sometimes reverse the aging process in addition to successfully fighting off diseases. Dr. Oz explained it all on Oprah so you should definitely read it there, but basically the idea is that when calories are restricted, the body’s cell’s become more efficient and thus last much longer. The diet seems to work because it focuses on extending lifespan vs. shedding weight (though weight loss is a side effect), thus the need to eat extremely healthy calories. For ex. a person may eat 3 apples for breakfast, but only the peel because that is the most nutrient rich content of the apple. Sounds pretty crazy and perhaps a bit outta my league, but definitely something to consider. My understanding is that these types of diets are often implemented in addition to medical treatment to fight cancer and other diseases.

If you are interested in what you’ve read here, I suggest you do more research before starting this diet or any other modified eating regiment. I am in no way endorsing this diet, but simply relaying information that I thought might create a new, informative dialogue about alternative concepts of eating.

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