Is your favorite ice cream tainted with artificial hormones?

August 23, 2010

To find out more, check out Huffington Post’s current article written by food writer and son of the family behind ice cream empire, Baskin Robbins. He critically examines Monsanto’s role in developing, marketing, and manupulating FDA approval of bovine growth hormones that are now prevalently used in commercial dairy production. The article makes a lot of great points about the power wielded by the food lobby and how such power is used to pressure Congress for favorable laws that protect corporations, rather than consumers. Perhaps the most important take-away message is that if you eat non-organic dairy, you are very likely consuming milk, cheese, yogurt, etc tainted by infection (and puss) caused by harmful effects of the growth hormone on cows. I think I’ll stick with hormone-free Ben and Jerry’s from now on.


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