Save DC Food Trucks!

August 25, 2010

So, apparently the glory of the DC food truck may be very short lived. Certain businesses in DC are lobbying for strict regulations that would restrict areas where food trucks are allowed to set up shop-in hopes of driving them out of business. I’m a big fan of any food vendor who offers delicious alternatives to the abundance of over-priced chain resturants near my workplace. For me, food trucks are perfect for running out to grab a quick, take-away lunch that is usually under $10. Long live the food truck I say!

If you feel the same way I do, click here to send a letter to DC lawmakers expressing your opinion on why DC food trucks should be saved.

If you don’t feel like typing anything, feel free to use my sample letter below.

I’d like to express my opposition to legislation that would restrict street vendors in DC. As a professional employee in downtown DC, I depend on food truck menus to provide affordable and delicious alternatives to the over-priced likes of Cosi, Corner Bakery, Five Guys, Au Bon Pain, and other sub-par sandwich shops. Also, I enjoy the diverse and varied fare that food trucks provide- not everyone wants to sit down in a restaurant that charges $10 or more for a wilted salad and soggy sandwich. Food truck entrepreneurs should be praised for their innovative ideas in food service, job creation, and fulfilling public appetite. Please save DC food trucks!

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