When it comes to eggs, buying organic may not be enough.

June 11, 2010

Apparently buying organic isn’t safe these days. The label “organic” simply indictes FDA standards for how food is grown or raised. It doesn’t speak to what happens to the food once it leaves the farm. In the case of eggs, many are processed in the same way that factory farm eggs are processed-washed in chlorine baths and then doused in a petroleum-based mineral oil. This is deceptive to consumers who think they are buying an all-natural product that is safe to eat. From what I’ve read, meat is treated in much the same way. This is why I personally feel that food regulations should be stricter and consumers should be given more information about where food comes from and how it’s processed. Of course it’s up to us to do our homework.

Buying directly from local farmers (at farmer’s markets and Whole Foods) is a great way to circumvent this problem. For the full article on this topic, read here.

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