Ceiba Restaurant Review

August 7, 2009


Jennifer and I decided to celebrate the end of the work week a little early – on Thursday! We decided to go out to lunch and Ceiba, per Jennifer’s suggestion, was where we ended up. Ceiba is a Latin-American influenced restaurant located at 701 14th Street.

The decor was lovely and colorful as you entered the restaurant. The service was good- very attentive with filling up our wonderful unsweetened passion fruit iced tea. We LOVED the iced tea. It’s perfectly brewed, which some places have difficulty achieving (ahem, Starbucks) and it had great flavor!

The bread for the table was lightly spiced and smoky crispy flatbreads with a dipping sauce. Yum! Jennifer obviously liked these, haha.



Now, onto the entrees. I ordered the crispy Pumpkin Seed tilapia with shaved asparagus salad, creole sauce, and fufu mash. This meal was so delicious! The tilapia was cooked well and I loved the tart/sour taste of the asparagus salad and the sweetness of the fufu mash (plantain mash with spices).




Jennifer ordered the Blackened Fish sandwich with sweet potato fries. I tasted the fish and we both felt that the flavor was great and the fish was nicely cooked. The sweet potato fries were also awesome with a bit of spice although it is hard to get sweet potato fries wrong.


One complaint that we both had, however, was that the fish seemed a bit over-salted. Despite this, the fish was still excellent and flavorful so it did not bother my tastebuds!

Last but not least- you get crunchy buttery caramel popcorn at the end of your meal. This was delish, but I restrained and only had a few bites :)


Jennifer and I agree that Ceiba, although a bit pricey, has wonderful, fresh flavors and a great number of options including lots of fish! We will definitely be back..

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Sarah August 7, 2009 at 4:52 pm

You are right…you just can’t go wrong with sweet potato fries! I could use some right now ;-)

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