La Belle Jolie

October 5, 2009

Recently, while visiting a friend in Brooklyn, I had the pleasure of dining at Jolie restaurant. I don’t know about you all, but I’m often fearful of dining out when I visit the Big Apple. It’s not that I don’t love eating out (you know I do!), but the menu prices are often shockingly high, even compared to D.C!

But, Jolie was different. It featured delicious, uncomplicated french inspired cuisine that filled my belly without emptying my bank account. Dinner for three, including a bottle of wine, salad and entree ran about $200 including tax and tip. I felt like a victor after this meal-like I’d robbed a bank and got away with it!

The food was simple and satisfying. I sampled the arugula salad and vegetarian risotto. Both were completely satisfying. Service was impeccable. The waiter was friendly, prompt and knowledgable about the menu and wine list.

The atmosphere at Jolie was perfect for a low key night out for dinner. Inside was completely adorable-cozy, french-themed, art inspired and casual. I recommend dining at Jolie any night of the week and especially on a first date.

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