Matchbox Pizzeria in Chinatown, DC

December 9, 2008

Pizza is one of my favorite foods (yes, I am still a 7 year old child at heart). After spending hours Christmas shopping on an icy, wintery day, my boyfriend and I stopped into Matchbox in Chinatown for lunch. The atmosphere was warm though a little crowded. The wait for 2 people was 25 minutes and we ended up waiting closer to 45 minutes. We both ordered a pint of beer- the cheapest on the menu was $6 and most were around $8. The menu was fairly extensive, offering a variety of appetizers, salads, pizzas, burgers and gourmet entrees. There was plenty for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. I ordered the sun dried tomato and buffalo mozzerella pizza. My boyfriend ordered the sliders (mini burgers) which were served on a bed of onion straws. The food was delicious, though a tad pricey at $13 for a small. The pizza was european style and would be a stretch to share between two people. The flavors of the basil and sun dried tomato was delicious but the bottom of the pizza was just a tad soggy- I prefer crispy pizza. My boyfriend enjoyed the mini burgers, but the onion straws were staturated with powdery parmesean that overpowered the flavor of the onion. All in all the dining experience was one that I enjoyed but the price was too much for lunch for 2 people- 2 beers and 2 entrees cost just under $50 after tax and tip. I recommend this place for a first date dinner or when you are in the mood for comfort food and have a little extra cash to spare.

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