Stanton’s Barbecue and Fish Camp Fly-In Restaurant

September 20, 2012


When visiting North Carolina over Labor Day weekend, we rode out to Stanton’s restaurant in Bennettsville, SC. I can’t think of a whole heck of a lot of places where you can find barbecue and seafood on the same menu. I can think of even fewer that offer a grass landing strip in the field across the way and provide fly-in directions on the website. Stanton’s  of South Carolina clearly does things in a one-of-a kind way.


Everything about the place is unique and special and kind of whacky in a way that only this place can pull off.



The structure is simple. Concrete floors and wooden tables. And lots of wood paneling.




The sweet tea will send you into a diabetic coma (classic southern).


And the fried shrimp and fish is just about the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Stanton’s does a fish batter so mean you won’t waste a single morsel of that crispy fried mountain on your plate.


The customers and servers offer an abundance of southern charm and country twang.


You may never want to leave.


And it’s definitely worth a fly-in.

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