Sushi No Go

March 13, 2009

I love sushi, but I do NOT love Sushi Aoi. This hole-in-the-wall japanese restaurant, located at 1100 New York Ave NW, boasts itself as DC’s “best sushi” and a restuarant using top quality ingredients. My boyfriend and I went there for lunch just yesterday and we were not at all thrilled by the experience. My boyfriend lived in Japan for a few years, but he’s no sushi snob- he just knows good sushi! He assured me that we would not be going back.
The lunch menu features reasonably priced (between $10 and $13) rolls and bento boxes and stir fry dishes, but I couldn’t help but notice almost all of the rolls featured were the overdone, trite “california” stuffed full of imitation crab. My bento box came with a decent miso (though that’s not exactly difficult to screw up), but the salad was sad and watery, the rice was dry, and the rolls tasted tangy like maybe the fish was turning bad? Ew, I can barely stand to think back on the experience of trying to force myself to swallow! But, I digress…the point is, go somewhere else for good sushi.

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