Virginia Wine with Tea Sandwiches

May 31, 2010

Last weekend, a group of us girls celebrated my friend Ali’s last days of “singledome” by throwing her a bachelorette party that took us through Virginia wine country. We stopped off at Pearmund Cellers and La Grange wineries to sample the local wines and when our heads started to spin from the alcohol, we opted for a little picnic to lift our spirits.

For the picnic, I brought tea sandwiches. Finger foods like this are ideal for picnics because they are easy to eat without all the fuss of using utensils. I’ll take any excuse to eat a finger sandwich-they are so delicious! I brought smoked salmon, cucumber and pimento cheese sandwiches. I made the salmon and cucumber sammys from scratch and have provided the recipes below.

creme fraiche (or sour cream or frommage blanc)
whipped cream cheese spread
1 package of smoked salmon
1 loaf of soft bread sliced thinly (white or wheat is fine so long as it is soft)
1 small lemon (juice and zest)
chopped chives
salt and pepper
1 cucumber skinned and sliced into very thin slices

Combine 1 hearty tblspoon of creme fraiche and 1 of whipped cream cheese. Mix together with a handful of chopped chives, lemon juice, zest and salt and pepper. Season to taste, adding more cream cheese mix or seasonings depending on your taste and how many sandwiches you plan to make.

Next, assemble the sandwiches by spreading the cheese mix onto each slice of bread and adding the sliced cucumbers/smoked salmon like so.
Then, close the sandwich tops and cut off the crusts and slice the sandwiches into small, bite-sized squares. Serve and enjoy!

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