Thai Butternut Soup

February 18, 2013 Soups and Stews

It’s so hard to get soups like this right. I’ve tried zillions of soup recipes that call for exotic, aromatic ingredients, but end up bland and dull. It’s such a tease. Your mouth begins to salivate as you lean in to stir a fiery pot of  what you hope tastes as good as it smells. [...]

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Cilantro Tequila Lemonade

June 29, 2012 Beverages

Let’s cool off a bit. I’m about to head out of town for a long, lazy week in the mountains with the family. I could not be happier about this. As the summer days grow longer and hotter, I find myself craving all things cool and refreshing. Like this lemonade. It’s as sassy as my [...]

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Canary Melon and Cilantro Salad

June 17, 2012 Salads

Allow me to introduce you to the canary melon. Canary melon is amazing. It’s sweet and juicy, like honeydew dipped in sugar crystals. You could eat it like candy for dessert. I discovered this delightful fruit by happenstance. I asked the grocer about it and he sliced one up on the spot to let me [...]

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Pan Seared Sea Scallop Salad with Cilantro Dressing

August 9, 2011 Fish

Sea scallops are one of those foods I used to avoid making because they seemed…I don’t know…elitist? They’re sophisticated and delicate and so intimidating. I’m terrified of turning them to rubber in the pan, so I usually only go for them at restaurants. But the other night, after one too many of these, my confidence [...]

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Spicy Lime and Cilantro Coleslaw

June 30, 2011 Side Dishes

Fourth of July and coleslaw are meant for one another. Crisp, tangy veggies on a hot summer day-a match that is sure to endure the test of time. But not any coleslaw will do. Our nation’s proudest holiday calls for a feisty coleslaw with a little bite. I made this easy recipe using jalapeno, cilantro [...]

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Black and Pinto Bean Salad with Lime and Cilantro Dressing

June 7, 2011 Lunch

Let’s lighten things up a bit, shall we?   After back to back posts of sugary cocktails and fudgy cookies, I think we need something healthy and refreshing. A light, bright bean salad sounds perfect. And it’s ideal for summer picnics and potlucks. Ingredients: 1 can of black beans, drained 1 can of pinto beans, [...]

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Summer Dream Weaver Soup

May 30, 2011 Soups and Stews

I know soup in the summer is a tad unorthodox and perhaps completely nutso, but it had to be done. Just look at all that color. Totally loony tunes. Speaking of crazy, don’t you just love people who use zany expressions in conversation? I feel like I never do it, so I really appreciate the [...]

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White Bean Hummus Soup

March 22, 2011 Soups and Stews

Inspired by Jessica’s Cilantro Lime White Bean Hummus and Angela’s post featuring Garbanzo Bean Soup, I couldn’t resist infusing these ideas to create a soup for the season. It’s officially Spring! The snow has melted, flowers are in bloom, and birds are chirping away in their happy nests. But it’s a little chilly outside and [...]

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Chimichurri Sauce

March 17, 2011 Snacks

I hear it’s St. Patty’s Day today. I’m thinking that calls for something green.  I’ve got a zesty chimichurri sauce in mind. What is chimichurri sauce, you ask? Well, it’s only one of the most insanely flavorful things you’ll ever eat (thank you to my dear friend Scott for this recipe!). It’s an all-purpose condiment [...]

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Curried Black Bean, Coconut, and Sweet Potato Soup

February 16, 2011 Soups and Stews

This winter I’ve been a soup fiend.  In fact, for a short time, I considered changing the name of this blog to Keep It Simple Soup because that’s all I seemed to ever make. I love soup- it’s comforting, dependable and makes great leftovers. The only problem was that I was getting in a tomato [...]

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