Browned Butter White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

February 13, 2013 Cookies

  How about some cookies for Valentine’s Day? These white chocolate chip and macadamia have an decadent, nutty browned butter flavor. They are perfect for dunking into hot tea or cold milk. Thanks to Oh! Nuts for supplying the macadamias- amazing! Ingredients: 1 cup butter, browned 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar, [...]

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Cornmeal and Lime Cookies

December 11, 2012 Cookies

  I made a double batch of these for this month’s book club. They were a hit! We agreed to do a cookie swap and I opted for something light and citrusy versus more traditional Christmas cookies. These may not be the prettiest cookies at your holiday party this year, but they will certainly be [...]

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Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips, Cranberries, and Pecans

October 8, 2012 Cookies

  Today my husband and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary. We have the day off thanks to Columbus and we’re trying to decide how we want to spend the afternoon. I’m also trying to decide whether I want to venture out for almond croissants (so addicted to those things) or whether I should [...]

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Mocha Chip and Ricemellow Creme Cookies

May 17, 2012 Cookies

I been experimenting with ricemellow creme (whipped brown rice syrup) ever since one of my readers pointed out the contradiction of posting recipes incorporating marshmallows on a vegetarian food blog. Zing! She had a point and here I am. I’m impressed with the results of using ricemellow creme. It gives the cookies a pillow-soft texture [...]

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Browned Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

March 24, 2012 Desserts and Sweets

This is not my recipe, I only wish I had thought of it first. I ripped it straight from the pages of one of my favorite, super indulgent food blogs, How Sweet It Is. (Jessica, the creator, is a master baker!) I usually don’t copy recipes word for word, but this one was so good, [...]

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Chocolate Dipped Potato Chip Cookies

March 10, 2012 Desserts and Sweets

Another appropriate name for this recipe might be “junk food cookies.” But somehow that doesn’t sound as appetizing. This recipe calls for sugar, butter, pecans, chocolate, and (the star of the show) potato chips. It’s like a slumber party, birthday party, trip to the roller rink and being left alone without a babysitter, baked into [...]

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Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Cookies

February 8, 2012 Desserts and Sweets

Here’s a Valentine’s Day recipe to make you swoon. A chocolate cookie made with red wine may sound strange, but I assure you it is a tiny bite of heaven. It’s like one of those phenomena that makes you ask, “is this too good to be true?” Like magically scoring tickets to the Oprah Winfrey [...]

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Double Chocolate Cookies with Pistachio and White Chocolate

January 21, 2012 Desserts and Sweets

In continuing my love affair with pistachios (more specifically- pistachios and chocolate), I came up with a cookie recipe so decadent it will make your knees weak. I’m talking big, but I tell the truth. These are so rich, you may not be able to eat more than one. And that’s not a bad thing! [...]

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Ginger and Molasses Cookies

December 21, 2011 Desserts and Sweets

For me, the holidays are all about COOKIES. Each year, my father makes dozens of batches and places them in colorful tins that he then piles haphazardly on the kitchen counters and dining table. I always come home to find cookies everywhere, stacked nearly to the ceiling, waiting for me to nibble on. Some of [...]

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Salted Double Fudge Cookies

June 5, 2011 Desserts and Sweets

A very happy accident happened in my kitchen last week. Fresh out of all-purpose flour, I experimented with self-rising flour and, with a little help from the baking gods, these miracle fudge cookies were born. It probably helped that I crossed my fingers, prayed, and rocked back and forth on the kitchen floor between peeking [...]

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