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Coon Dog Day

July 14, 2012 Adventure

  Coon Dog Day is real, people. It’s a summer festival in Saluda, NC that revolves entirely around hunting dogs that like the chase raccoons up trees. In other words, it’s one big party. Here are some of my favorites from this year’s Coon Dog Day celebration.       Can’t wait for next year’s celebration!

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Wedding Weekend

October 12, 2011 Adventure

Hello, friends. I’m back! And it’s official, I’m married! And so very happy. On Saturday, I married my best friend and partner of nearly four years. He’s my rock and I’m so glad I found him. We spent the entire week prior at the farm getting things ready. There was lots to do in a [...]

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North Carolina Weekend

August 22, 2011 Adventure

Welcome to the farm! I write often about spending time in North Carolina on my fiance’s family farm. This weekend, we went down to take care of wedding details (less than two months to go!). Though it wasn’t the typical relaxing, restful weekend we usually enjoy, I did manage to find time to snap a [...]

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4th of July Festivities

July 7, 2011 Adventure

  How did you spend the 4th of July? We lazed on porches. (Southerners love their porches.)   Listened to some bluegrass.    Took a stroll down main street.   Ate our fill of red, white, and blue.      And began shopping for one of these for next year. So sparkly. Hope you all had [...]

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Sleepy in Saluda

July 5, 2011 Adventure

  This week I’m spending time with my family in a sleepy town called Saluda. There’s not a whole lot to do here and that’s just fine with me.   Our mornings are filled with long walks around town, finding something curious and new every day. Taking in the fresh mountain air and the glorious, [...]

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