tomato sauce

Easy “Homemade” Tomato Sauce

April 27, 2011 Soups and Stews

I love a good marinara sauce- one that’s slightly sweet and tangy with a pop of oregano and bright red tomatoes. I love nurturing it for hours as the tomatoes cook down on the stove top and the kitchen becomes fragrant and alive with the aroma of garlic and spice. Good homemade tomato sauce is [...]

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Valentine’s Day Dinner

February 14, 2011 Dinner

I’ll give you three clues what I’m making tonight for my sweetie. It has a splash of this. A pinch of this. And a drizzle of this. If you guessed that I’m making (spicy) vodka pasta for Valentine’s day dinner, you’re right! I have always wanted to make this dish so I finally got online, [...]

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