Chinese Mall Food

July 8, 2010

Monday was a scorcher with temperatures reaching nearly 100 degrees in Beijing! It was much too hot to do any outdoor sightseeing. The very thought of standing on steamy pavement in a long, crowded line with the blazing sun beating down on my back made me want to pass out from heat exhaustion. I decided that indoor shopping was the only reasonable option.

A friend of mine took me to the Yashow Market where we found excellent deals on clothes, fabrics, tea, knick knacks and other souvenirs. For those of you who like to bargain shop without too much haggling, this is the place to go. Vendors definitely compete for your attention without being too aggressive. Yashow offers 5 stories (maybe more) of a wide variety of vendors so you can literally shop till you drop.

Needless to say, I worked up quite an appetite in the process so I headed upstairs to the food court area. The entire top floor of the market is filled with food vendors and is basically a giant shmorgasboard of Chinese food-dumplings, noodles, sauces, meats,and veggies. It was perfect for me because I like to taste as many dishes as possible in one sitting. I ended up going with spicy cucumbers marinated in a vinegar dressing, vegetarian stir fried egg noodles with baby bok choy, a pancake type thing made of egg and vegetables and a warm cabbage filled dough pocket (not sure of the name). Everything was very tasty. Surprisingly, the dishes were fairly oily and salty (ideal hangover food and one of my all time favorite flavor combos) and though this was basically the equivalent of mall food, it was nothing like the stuff you get in the US. This food was simple, made fresh and authentic. There were no bright orange deep fried gelatinous balls posing as chicken or baby corns swimming in sugary brown sauce. This was the real deal. American-Chinese food pales in comparison-get on board America!


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Jewelry Rockstar July 11, 2010 at 10:06 am

Man you have convinced me, I gotta get to China! I’ve had those marinated cukes in a Chinese Veggie restaurant in the US, but those in your pic look much better.

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