Sweet and Spicy Roasted Japanese Pumpkin

October 30, 2009

After reading about Heather’s many meals featuring japanese pumpkin (kabocha), I decided to try making my own. Besides, it’s the perfect time of year for roasted veggies. I couldn’t find kabocha at my local grocery store, but I was able to find it at the japanese grocery store. But, it was pretty pricey, esp for being so small! Almost 3 bucks a pop! But, I’ll have to say it was worth it in the end.

After I found the pumpkin, I decided on Just Hungry’s recipe for roasted sweet and spicy kabocha. She was right about the fact that it doesn’t come out pretty, but boy was it tasty! I loved the combination of the soy sauce, brown sugar and spices.

Kabocha cooks up soft, similar to the consistency of a butternut squash. It’s semi-sweet, but not too sweet and the flavor of the pumpkin is easily heightened with a little salt or sugar. It’s great sub for sweet potato, pumpkin, or butternut squash. I ate mine over a bed of pan fried soba noodles. Was delicious!

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brandi November 2, 2009 at 10:44 am

yum – that sounds great to have with noodles like that!

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