Chocolate Dip Cookies

February 21, 2009

The other night I decided to bake a few cookies from a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough I had made a few days prior.*  I was in the process of thawing the dough in order to bake it when I decided I wanted something a little more decadent than left over chocolate chip cookies. Don’t get me wrong, I pretty much love chocolate chip cookies in any size, shape or form, but that night I wanted even more chocolate.  A quick search of the freezer turned up 1/2 a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels that I had been saving. I decided to melt down these morsels to make a dip for my cookies. First, I prepped my cookie dough (since mine was frozen) by thawing and then baking. While the cookies were baking, I melted down the chocolate on the stove. The trick to melting chocolate is to use a good quality chocolate with a high cocoa butter content and to melt VERY SLOWLY.  This is tough for me since I am a super impatient person, but nothing is nastier than burnt bark-like chocolate, so trust me, it’s worth the wait. Put a small handful of morsels in a small pot on very low heat and guage how they melt (this is a good way to see if your pot is too hot). If the pot gets too hot, turn the burner down or lift it off the burner while stirring. You could also use a double boiler, but who has time for that? Gradually add in chocolate chips until they are all melted. Once cookies are baked, take them out of the oven and cool- while maintaining the melted chocolate (take it off the heat, but keep stirring to keep it evenly heated and smooth). Once cookies have cooled, dip them 1/2 way into the chocolate and then let themp2140155 set up on a baking rack or cool cookie sheet. Sprinkle the chocolately tops with course sea salt, or cinnamon or ancho chili powder for a kick!

A fun party idea for serving would be to break up the cookes into halves or thirds and let people dip the broken pieces into a fondu pot of melted chocolate.

If you don’t want so much chocolate, but you like the idea of dipping cookies (or if you just want to spruce up the average chocolate chip cookie), make chocolate chip cookies sans the chips and dip the final baked product into the melted chocolate. I think this would be even better than a regular chocolate cookie.

* A great way to prepare cookies for 1 to 2 persons is to make the batch of cookie dough and then bake as many cookies as you want to eat right away (probably 4 to 6). Then, roll up the rest of the dough in parchment paper and freeze. You can also use saran wrap but it’s harder to work with. The next time you want a few cookies, take the roll of dough out of the freezer, cut off as many cookies as you want (slice off cookie sized portions), thaw and bake and wrap up the rest for the next time. I will warn you though that the chocolate chip cookies, while good the second and third time around, are never quite as good as that first, fresh batch. Try it!


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