Oikos fruit on the bottom

March 17, 2009

I really HATE yogurt with fruit on the bottom. Typically, the fruit is gelatinus, syrupy and barely identifiable but for the artificial color (blue for blueberry, red for strawberry, etc). The other day, I was shopping for some delicious greek yogurt and found blueberry Oikos made by Stonyfield Farm. I was super pumped to eat this yogurt, esp since I hadn’t seen many fruit flavored greek yogurts, but when I opened up the container, I realized the blueberries were ON THE BOTTOM! oh no! I looked at the container and saw the words “fruit on the bottom” in teeny tiny text that I had completely missed in my grocery buying frenzy. I was prepared to hate it, but after a few stirs and a couple of bites, I found the fruit (and yogurt) to be delicious! It was real fruit, not at all syrupy and had real blueberry flavor. The ingredients are organic and the yogurt is very low in sugar. I like to eat it plain or with granola stirred in for extra crunchiness!oikos-16oz

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kathie March 24, 2009 at 8:55 am

ooh! i love greek yogurt and have not tried this brand yet. [oh please oh please oh please oh please!]

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