It’s a Date!

February 12, 2009

I was recently turned on to dried dates because of their sweet candy-like flavor and the fact that I can store them in my office without refridgeration. I was looking to mix it up from my usual staple of shelf-stable prunes and I’m so happy I made the discovery! Dates make a delicious, easy, healthy snack perfect for everyday. A large handful (5 or 6) of dates contains about 120 calories, no fat, about 3 grams of fiber, and only all natural sugars. They can be eaten plain, used in baking recipes, or even mixed into yogurt. Dates are a really versitile fruit and a great way to snack without guilt. You can find them at the supermarket or farmer’s market.

Besides all that, dates are kinda cool- exotic even. They grow on plam trees in the desert, were traditionally used for their medicinal properties, and are currently used for much more than just eating. To read more about the magic of the date, check out
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