Krazy for Kashi!

February 26, 2009

I’m on a serious Kashi kick lately. I just kant get enough! Ok, I’ll stop with all the ks, but I will not stop gushing about how much I love this new Kashi granola cereal. It’s called Cocoa Beach and every time I eat it, I feel like I’m on vacation…seriously. I am not typically a huge cereal fan. I find it to be the dullest of dull breakfast foods, but it is quick and easy when I’m rushing out of my apartment, already 10 min late for work, so I end up succumbing to cereal approx 3 days per week (though NEVER on weekends). Since I hate boring cereal, I usually try to mix it up…you know, keep it interesting by buying healthy, flavorful cereals in a variety of types/brands. Kashi is definitely a go-to brand because of the wide assortment of cereals it offers. When searching for my latest Kashi cereal pick last week, I noticed 4 new granola cereals in very appealing flavors-Apple Orchard, Cocoa Beach, Mountain Medley and Summer Berry. Because all but 1 sounded like exactly the same cereal (and because I am a chocolate fiend), I grabbed the Cocoa Beach.  I am so glad I did. It is absolutley heavenly. It bursts with chocolate flavor and has little flecks of coconut and chunks of almonds. It reminds me of a grown up version of Count Chocula. It even turns the milk in your bowl chocolatey brown! SO GOOD!

It’s healthy too.  1/2 cup has approx 200 calories, 9g fat, 6g fiber and protein and keeps you full for hours.  Also, it is made with all natural ingredients including whole grains, almonds, cocoa, honey, and sea salt. Cocoa Beach is the silver lining to my cereal cloud. kashicereal

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