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April 9, 2010

Apparently everyone has a food blog these days. It’s wonderful (of course) that people are becoming more conscious about the food they eat, what they are eating, and are accountable for their food choices. Blogs are a great substitute for food diaries. But, after reading this NY Times article, I couldn’t help but feel painfully trite. Self-proclaimed “foodies” are everywhere these days, pointing their cameras at every dish in order to document each meal. I am definitely one of them. We all think we know good food. Somehow, though we’ve never studied nutrition we think we know the best way to stay thin and healthy. Though we’ve never attended so much as a single culinary class, we think our palates are superior. But the mere fact that we each think we know best indicates that a lot of us have falsely inflated egos. A lot of us are fooling ourselves. Am I one of them? I’d like to think that my experience working in fine dining and eating food from around the world gives me a unique and enlightened perspective on food. Does it? I’m starting to think I’m just one of the worlds’ many opinionated and persnickety eaters who relishes in an opportunity to be judgmental. Scary.
But maybe it’s not all bad. Maybe consumer demand for good food and a growing crop of food know-it-alls will pressure some of these restaurateurs and vendors to get their act together. Hopefully this food revolution will replace quanitity with quality in order to negate years of harmful health effects. I’d like to think that this little blog positively contributes in some small way. I cling to this hope- otherwise my banality is pretty tough to swallow.

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