Grilled Cheese to Please

December 8, 2008

On a cold day, like the days we’ve been having recently in DC, I love a cup of tomato soup and a hot grilled cheese sandwich. A plain-old grilled cheese is good, but I like to jazz mine up a bit. It’s easy, adds tons of flavor and texture, and is really healthy too!

Easy Grilled Cheese Sandwich:
Take 2 slices whole wheat bread (whatever bread you like) and brush each side with a little EVOO or tiny pat of butter (just enough to give flavor). Toast side 1 of each slice on low to med heat in a skillet on the stovetop. While your bread is toasting, cut a few slices of tomato, pickles, onions. Flip the bread and toast side 2. While side 2 is toasting, top the already toasted sides of each slice of bread with your preferred cheese (gouda, provolone, swiss, cheddar or mix it up!). Cover the skillet so that the heat gets trapped in the pan and the cheese starts to melt. Once the cheese has melted, top one of the bread slices with your tomatoes, pickles, onion and other piece of toasted bread. Plate it up and enjoy! yummmm
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