Grandma’s Mushroom Rice

January 7, 2013 Side Dishes

My Grandma Peggy used to make the most amazing mushroom rice. It’s the sort of unsuspecting dish that doesn’t exactly get a lot of fanfare when you announce you’re making rice for dinner. But when you start cooking, the aroma will creep through every nook of your home and send folks scrambling to the dinner [...]

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Brown Sugar and Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding

January 29, 2012 Desserts and Sweets

One of the foods we enjoyed most on our honeymoon was rice pudding. We ate buckets full in Istanbul. It’s one of those desserts that sort of gets forgotten about or skipped over on for more exotic temptations on the menu. Compared with some of the fancier desserts with fussy ingredients, rice pudding can seem [...]

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Summer Risotto

July 20, 2011 Dinner

It strikes me as funny that as I write this post for a summer recipe, I’m listening to a band called The Decemberists (if only if were so cold outside).  But I find the music comforting, kind of like this risotto. And when when you’re sweltering in the summer sun, everyone should come into the [...]

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