Spicy Cheesy Corn Muffins

June 14, 2011 Side Dishes

Well, don’t these look cozy? Makes me wanna curl up in a blanket on the couch. Or eat. I could definitely put away more than a few of these muffins. Which is exactly what I did the other night when I made them. Oops! But it was no accident. I had a hankering for corn [...]

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Spicy Black Bean Burgers

June 12, 2011 Dinner

Here’s a little something you may not know about me- I’m in a book club. That’s right. And I read like it’s my job. Not only for book club but I’ll pretty much read anything I can get my hands on- averaging about a book a week (we don’t have cable, boooo). I had zero [...]

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Spicy Black Bean and Sour Cream Enchiladas

May 13, 2011 Dinner

  When it comes to Mexican, Tex Mex, or Mexican inspired dishes, I have a serious weakness. In this household, we eat some form of black bean, chili pepper, cilantro, tortilla, or salsa at least three nights per week, and sometimes up to four.  Seriously. We need to branch out. We even live just a [...]

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Spicy Almond Green Beans

April 13, 2011 Side Dishes

Have you ever had those frozen Bird’s Eye green beans that some with almond slivers on top? Oh man! They are so good. I hate to admit it, but they are. My fiancé is a fool for those things, and though I think they are delightful, I prefer to make and eat them fresh. So [...]

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Spiced White Chocolate Popcorn

February 27, 2011 Snacks

Tonight is Oscar night which deserves a treat. Such a momentous occasion calls for spice, salt, and sweet. This zesty, white chocolate popcorn can be made in a pop. It’s so delicious, you won’t be able to stop. A sinful delight? No, that’s not quite right.   It’s truly naughty, but oh so nice. Lick [...]

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Spicy Boiled Peanut Hummus

February 1, 2011 Side Dishes

A little bird told me the Super Bowl is coming up this weekend. I’m not a big fan of football, but I love a good pot luck and Super Bowl Sunday is the ultimate potluck event. As we gear up for this exciting occasion- the food, not the game- the question on everyone’s mind is, [...]

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