Garlic Kale and Sweet Potatoes

February 28, 2009

This perfect pairing is an ideal side dish for almost any meal. You could serve it along with any protein- fish, chicken, steak, pork chops or lamb.  The sweet buttery flavor of the sweet potatoes rounds out the salty bitterness of the crunch kale. The best part is that sweet potatoes and kale are both packed with health benefits. And, these recipes are easy and super quick to make. I know most of you aren’t experienced with kale, but it is so incredibly easy to make, I promise you will turn to it again and again as a quick and easy side dish option.

Kale recipe:

1 bunch of kale washed in a colander
3 to 5 cloves of garlic chopped (finely or coarsely)
sea salt

To prepare: heat evoo and garlic  in a pan. when hot, put the rinsed kale (with some water still clinging on leaves) in the pan and saute until the leaves just start to wilt. season with salt and serve. if you want the kale even more cooked, just cook it until it wilts further- but it won’t be as crunchy. you could top it with a little lemon juice or red pepper flakes for a kick. serves about 2 persons. kale cooks quickly so make it last and serve hot!

Sweet Potatoes:

2 to 3 sweet potatoes
a handful of chopped pecans
splash of milk or half and half
a few sprinkles of brown sugar
small pat of butter

Directions: cook sweet potatoes in oven or microwave until tender. scoop out insides into a bowl or blender. add butter, milk and brown sugar and blend together. you can blend with your immersion blender, regular blender, hand mixer, or mash coursely by hand. add pecans and stir in to mix. serve hot with the garlic kale.p2150209

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