Pasta with Spinach Love

October 5, 2010

Sometimes, my favorite meal is a super quick bowl of pasta with a little tomato sauce. It’s nothing fancy, but often I find the simplest meals to be the most comforting. My only problem with this type of meal is that I don’t get any greens (unless I add veggies to the sauce, but that complicates matters and doesn’t work for me when I’m not up to the task of simmering pasta sauce with veggies and dirtying extra pots). As you know, my boyfriend was out of town last week, so I ate a lot of easy meals like this one, but a whole weak of pasta alone will not do. So, I found a super simple way to get my veggies.

All you need is a handful of ready to go baby spinach. Put it in the bottom of your pasta bowl like so.

Then, put your cooked (and well drained) pasta on top. The heat from the cooked pasta will make the spinach wilt. Another plus about this dish is that the spinach takes up a good bit of space in the bowl, leaving less room for the pasta and sauce- so this is a great trick if you are trying to cut back on portion size.

Next, add the sauce.

As you twirl the pasta, the spinach will mix in nicely. Enjoy! Prego!

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Meredith October 5, 2010 at 4:34 pm

Great idea! I have the same problem when eating pasta.

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